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As the foot over-flexes, added pressure is created on the long bone that is positioned in the foot just before the start of the big toe. Called the first metatarsal, this stout bone is forced upward and outward due to ground pressure. When this occurs, the tissue on the side of the big toe joint away from the second toe begins to stretch, and the side of the big toe joint nearest the second toe begins to tighten due to the pull of a certain muscle in the foot. Tight shoes aggravate bunion pain , and nothing more. Since tattoos are wounds, there is a population that should avoid getting a tattoo on the lower extremity and especially the foot. Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) is an extremely common disease among diabetics, and all people over 50 years old. It is the aging of the arteries that causes the vessels to be narrower than normal and thus decreases the blood supply to the feet. Wounds need blood and oxygen to heel. Remember, a tattoo is a wound and it also needs blood and oxygen to heel. Thus, if you have diabetes or PAD, your wound could turn into an ulcer that is limb threatening. Symptoms of a bunion incorporate a deviated big toe that seems to pack up against the other toes or may even overlap the 2nd toe. It is It's additionally usual to have a callus form at the foundation of the big toe that is affected. There may additionally be tenderness, redness and inflammation existing at the bottom of the big toe. Dr. Andrew Schneider is a podiatrist in Houston, TX and is the medical director of Tanglewood Foot Specialists. He treats all injuries and conditions of the foot and ankle. For more information and many informative videos, visit and his blog atbunion pain from running During bunion surgery, the surgeon enters through a small incision in either the side or top of the big toe to realign the joint, sometimes removing soft tissue or bone or even putting in tiny screws and wires to help in joint alignment. There are over one hundred possible surgical procedures that are done to treat bunion problems. The recovery period for surgery to correct bunions will depend on the extent of the surgical procedures, usually from six weeks to six months (but can last up to a year for complete healing). The expert podiatrists also use up-to-date technology to diagnose any problem or disorder. After identifying the underlying causes of the common foot problems, they offer various treatment process as well as surgical procedures for the patients. Apart from the common treatment procedures, they also offer different cutting edge technology like orthotics and others in order to treat any foot problem. Women suffering from four times as many foot problems as men. It is important that women wear correctly fitting footwear as on average they walk 3 miles further every day than men. For those interested in bunion treatment , you might wonder, “What are bunions”? Bunions ( hallux valgus ) are bony prominences on the outside edge of the big toe where the toe meets the main bones of the foot. Bunions are a combination of three medical conditions that include enlargement of soft tissue; deformities in foot bones, called hallux abducto valgus; and a third condition called metatarsus primus varus. The hallux condition is a rotated big toe that either pushes toward the second toe, sits on top of it, or beneath it. Metatarsus primus is where the bone in the foot connecting to the big toe, rotates outward. bunion pain treatment Podiatrist can easily determine the problem and recommend appropriate treatment measures. They easily diagnose as well as categorize the severe bunion symptoms on sight. Through an X-ray they identify a bunion or other severe bone deformation in the toe. X-rays are used to identify any exacerbating factors to treat the patient in a holistic manner. Orthotic arch supports from The Insole can change the movement of the foot. Flat feet can contribute to the development of bunions; thus, orthotic arch supports may be very useful. Plus, your feet feel totally supported during the day and you can feel energized for most of the day.